What We Do

What we do

We process, produce and export some of the freshest, flavors from fruits, leaves that can be found on earth. Our dynamic team helps in creating and innovate together to produce internationally recognized, high quality natural flavor organic products that cannot be thought of.

Our flavors have given new life to old recognized beverages with tastes that cannot be thought of. We also add value to your health as our products are healthy, natural and also organic and always with customers wellbeing in mind.

What we do differently

We focus on a few main important facts

We process a variety of very traditional and healthy organic flavors from natural fruits and leaves for the tea industry. Also to other industries for blending for all who are looking for such natural tastes  we all will enjoy in usage.

We do not compromise on the genuine flavors and taste. We want them to look natural always That is why these natural flavor’s take our processor’s years to perfect. We totally believe in freshness and natural aromas which will thrill our taste buds to the maximum for sure.

We protect these special organic blends  until they are able to be enjoyed by our cusyomers.

We help to make a great cup of tea and make it healthier with natural flavors. Our products have a huge amount of value, they are not easy to find, not easy to share, not easy to understand but unique in every sense

what it matters

Simply because we truly care about our customers, our employees and our community. They are at the center of all that we do.

We are not only making our customers healthy and organic conscious but we all add values to our dear farmers with better incomes and higher quality of life to them.

Our Vision for moringa in Sri Lanka is to take this healthy nutritious product to each and every dining table and be used like chilies, pepper and salt. Hence moringa to be on every home dining table for the improvement of health of each Sri Lankan as a superfood recognized world wide.